We develop strategically-driven brand identities and design meaningful experiences that inspire and solve your business challenges. 




At the heart of every successful brand are clearly defined values that emotionally connect with the right audience. Through discovery and creative exploration, we combine actionable insights, strategy, and creativity to form unique brand identities and redefine existing ones. 


Design with purpose. Combining appealing aesthetics and skilled design techniques, our work influences customer behaviour and fosters demand. Passionate about all details, we craft flexible design systems, develop magnetic visual languages, and carefully identify trending typographies for your brand.  


E-commerce & digital landscapes.
Taking compelling visuals and best practices into account, our e-commerce stores and multi-touchpoint products help you grow your business on an international scale. Whether you are building a new site or revamping an existing one, we incorporate our dedicated partners into projects from the outset.

Marketing creative.
Our focus on clarity empowers you to capture the attention of your audience, effectively communicate your messages across all mediums, and turn consumers into authentic brand ambassadors.


Great experiences make a difference if well-executed. Through an agile and collaborative process, we craft meaningful touchpoints that consider your customers’ needs.




Brand Audit
Creative Direction
Brand Architecture


Creative playbooks
design systems
Art Direction
visual languages
graphic Design


campaign creative
brand collateral
User Interface Design (UI)
User Experience Design (UX)
e-commerce Shopify Builds
mobile applications
Full Stack Development




We keep things personal. In dedicated and experienced teams, we act transparently throughout the entire process. Driven by our Creative Director, we believe in collaborating closely alongside you and grow your business.


Timo Sudmann has over fifteen years of experience working for international creative agencies and with renowned entrepreneurs. Holding an MA in Visual Communication from the University of Arts in Berlin and closely tied to a large network, he is a reliable creative leader. Timo Sudmann has created successful international brands and managed a variety of projects from start to finish. A strategically driven partner and global thinker at heart, the only thing he is as passionate about as his profession, is sailing and being surrounded by wind and water.

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