We create strategically driven brand experiences and design seamless journeys, that go beyond devices. Out of Berlin, across the world.




We believe that successful brands and products build on strong ideas, authentic experiences and within the right context. By delivering creative solutions that reflect your company’s vision, we aim to connect you closer to your audience and make your business grow.


Whether helping you to develop your brand from the ground up, or take your existing brand to the next level, we love to amplify your brand attitude inside out. We incorporate concise brand strategies and sleek identities.



We can’t emphasize enough how essential it is nowadays to have a consistent and remarkable brand identity across all touchpoints, especially since users do not just switch between devices, but start a task on one and complete it on another. We believe that an agile identity of characteristic brand assets paired with a strong responsive design architecture are the key to success.


We incorporate our dedicated partners – the accomplished developers and technical consultants at www.dreimannzelt.de – into projects from the very start, to push innovation forward together, activate brands across multi-channel plattforms and turn ideas into businesses.


The more thought-out the process, the stronger the outcome. We start by identifying the what, why and how, always in a close collaboration with the client to design agile brand experiences that are remarkable and creative.




Creative Direction
Ideation Workshops
Brand Audit
Creative Strategy
Brand Architecture
Customer Research


Art Direction
User Interface Design (UI)
User Experience Design (UX)
Print / Editorial Design
Campaign Creative
Creative playbooks


channel/content Strategy
User Interface Design (UI)
User Experience Design (UX)
image guidelines
Full Stack Development
Shopify Builds




Founded by Timo Sudmann who has been working at the intersection of international brands and innovation for over a decade.


With an MA in Visual Communication from the University of Arts in Berlin, vast experience in working both for global creative agencies and with dynamic entrepreneurs, closely tied to a large network, he is well equipped for the 21st century’s speed of culture. A design lover and global thinker at heart, the only thing he is as passionate about as his profession, is sailing.

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